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Synology ds411 blue blinking light

Today, after trying to update one of the applications of my NAS, a Synology J, I noticed that it became non responsive and upon rebooting, the dreaded flashing led of death came up. In order to avoid losing your content the following are the steps I followed in order to restore the NAS to its working order.

Igmar Rautenbach.

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June 30, at pm. I have the same issue and want to follow your advice. But I struggle to find the NAS on network, or to log into in through the url. September 1, at pm.

Synology DiskStation DS411+II Repair - Blue Flashing LED

Did you try using the Synology Assistant? The alternative is to go through the router to find out the IP address.

synology ds411 blue blinking light

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Open it and mark the hard disks so to remember their exact order. Insert your spare disk into the slot 1 and then turn on the NAS. Use the Synology Assistant to find your NAS on your network Reinstall the DSM from scratch it will erase your spare hard disk Upon completion of the the installation, shut down the device from the control panel.

Reinstall the old hard disk in the same exact order and turn on. This time however only the DSM will be installed and all the data will be preserved. Wait about 10 minutes for the whole process to be completed. Your NAS is back again in operation. Hi, Did you try using the Synology Assistant? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.But a blue flashing LED of death is a new one.

And it was the starting point of quite a lot of wasted time.

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First, the back-story. I love NAS boxes, especially the units from Synology. I have small units for IP camera storage and backup. However, I love the range of capability that I get with them — a solid file system, plus support for cloud backup and archive solutions such as Dropbox and Backblaze. And the ability — with the bigger units, at least — to replicate parts of the file system between boxes. Not only that, but you can keep snapshots of the file system, which allows me to roll back to previous versions of terabytes of data at the click of a mouse.

This is the reason I have two. One is a drive unit, with a five-drive expansion cage. So about this blue LED issue. It does this after booting, and before connecting to the LAN. This is normally fine, because the blue flashy period typically lasts for around a minute. All very simple; all very easy to use. Now at this point, you really have no idea what has gone wrong.

A trip to Google reminds me that Intel had an issue with the Atom processor that meant it could randomly die. This affected Synology boxes made up to about a year ago when the fault was found.

I raised a support ticket through the Synology website describing the issue. The next morning, our UPS chappy dropped off the new unit and took away the old one. I put all 12 of the drives into the new unit in the correct order and pressed the power button. The blue LED started flashing… and continued to flash. After some ten minutes, it was clear that whatever was happening with the original unit was happening with this one.

I wrote an update email to Synology. Then I decided to try a few things. First, I tried only connecting one Gigabit Ethernet cable to the box, because I was running four in a bonded arrangement.

I pulled out all the drives and powered up the box. It booted, in a fashion, and I could connect to it across the network. I updated Synology via email. Then I took a spare 10TB hard disk, mounted it into the drive cage carrier, and popped that into slot 1. It booted and offered to set up the NAS for me.

Hallelujah — a miracle had occurred! The NAS was up and running. I shut it down and updated Synology via email. I found some instructions that told me now would be the right point to pull out the fresh disk and put my array back in place.So, a quick summary. There are four, 4GB drives in a RAID10 array and we backup offsite to a cloud based backup, so we felt pretty good about the safety of our data. That is, until it wasn't there. I tried to check our helpdesk before calling it a night last night and couldn't get to it.

Odd, but not the end of the world I thought; it's a virtual machine, so I could just log on, take a look at the VM and worst case restart it. When I tried to logon though, no dice, the VPN wasn't working. The firewall was up so it wasn't our Internet servicebut I couldn't authenticate, which meant that AD was also down. This was a little more troubling.

Try as I might, no response. I was starting to panic a little bit at this point, so I made the 20 minute drive to the office, expecting to find smoke coming out of the NAS but it was just sitting there, solid blue light and one green light for each of the drives.

I relaxed a little and started checking network cables. Everything there looked good and the activity lights on the switch and NAS showed activity I then tried powering it down from the button will normally beep, then do a clean shutdown and, though I didn't get any beep, I did get the blinking blue light. By this time, it was pm, I was tired, angry that I had to drive back to the shop and horrified that the one little box that had all of my data was clearly not happy and that the password database with the credentials for my offsite backup was also stored on that little box.

My level of panic went up a little and I sat in to try to recover before folks started showing up in about 8 hours. Below is a admittedly dirty, poorly written timeline of what I did. I have no idea why it worked I'm Christian, so I believe that a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was praying harder than I've prayed in a long time, but we'll stick to the tech stuff here.

Ran it, but it didn't find anything. Still blinking, no ping responses. No web responses but pings. Synology Assistant software still isn't working. I can search for it, I'm getting ping responses, but nothing showing up in the Synology Assistant. Held the power down for 10 seconds and it restarted. It blinked the lights I looked away to type this and then went dark again. It beeped. Blue light is solid and the top light is blinking amber.

Blue light just blinking.Published on Friday 28 February Categories: Electronics. As the NAS was no longer reliable to use on a daily basis we replaced it with an eight-bay model. This processor has a known bug which stops the units from booting and was fixed by adding a ohm resistor across two pins to pull up a clock line from the CPU. Accessing the motherboard involves removal of the rear panel, then remove 8 self-tapping screws which hold the metal drive bays to the base and front panel.

synology ds411 blue blinking light

The front panel is removed by releasing 4 small plastic clips which hold the front to the drive bays and then disconnecting the multiway cable from the front panel PCB.

The bottom of the case is removed, and this reveals 4 bolts which hold the motherboard to the metal frame. Once these are removed the motherboard can be removed from the case by unplugging the front panel cable and disconnecting it from the hard drive riser board.

I checked the pins using my oscilloscope and located the 3. Powering on the motherboard without the drives connected showed that the blue power led had stopped flashing and the CPU fan started spinning showing that it was trying to boot.

I reassembled the NAS and once the drives had been installed again, I connected the power supply and after pressing the power button it booted normally.

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Checking the status of the unit from the web interface showed all the drives had been recognised and the data on the NAS was accessible via the network again. The resistor had to be folded down to clear the metal drive bay case as there is very little clearance between the drive bay frame and the header. I added a strip of insulation tape to the metal frame to avoid any possible short circuits. While the motherboard was removed, I checked the CPU fan and found the bearing has failed.

I replaced this with a spare fan the same size and soldered the original fan connector to the new fan. This is due to a difference in the pulse output on the fan compared to the original Synology fan. Searching for the part number on the fan resulted in new fans being available online but they are all from overseas suppliers.

I ordered two fans so I would have a spare for future use. I will run further tests on the NAS over the next few weeks, but this resistor fix appears to have solved the problem with the NAS not booting and it being usable again.

Leave a comment. Your name. Email Address Your email address will not be published. Your Comments. Are you a human?I was experiencing many of the symptoms in the following post, yet I was convinced I could not have been hacked, as this server is not available to the internet! Not only that but I recently updated DSM weeks ago so wondered if this could be the cause? My symptoms were:.

After much head scratching I decided to take each of the drives in turn and test them on my Windows desktop.

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I have 4 drives in the host, 2x Seagate and 2x WD Red. If any of them were going to fail I believed the Seagate would be at fault, so I tested those first. I plugged in disk number one, ran some tests, all ok. I then plugged in disk number two, and discovered that windows would not even mount the drive. Not only that but it was actually causing device manager to hang. Faulty drive identified, I powered on the Synology with the remaining 3 drives only.

Much to my relief, the system booted within a minute and started to beep, warning me I was missing a drive. DSM is now responding just fine. I have now ordered a new WD Red drive to replace the failed Seagate which was out of its very short warranty of course!

synology ds411 blue blinking light

Moral of the story: If your box looks like it may have been hit by SynoLocker but it was never on the internet, try testing all the drives in turn. One other wee tip is to also enable SSH access.

Synology DS415+ revival [Intel Atom C2538 failure]

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Synology NAS – Blue Blinking LED of Death

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How to fix Synology’s Blue Led of Death

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